eBay Store & Template Add Ons


Do your eBay Store categories change frequently? Do you want to add a Flash Banner to your eBay Store home page? Need your listing template to be responsive? Maybe you need some informational pages for your eBay store?

Some of these items are only available for the eBay Store Basic and eBay Store Pro as they utilizes promo boxes, custom pages and header customizations. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me today!

eBay Store Add Ons

  • Responsive eBay Listing Template
    This charge is ONLY to make the already purchased
    eBay Listing Template responsive, not for the
    full eBay Listing Template design.
  • Dynamic eBay Store Categories (Store Only)
    Not available if using eBays new store design.
  • Flash Banner
    Not available if using eBays new store design
    or responsive listing templates.
  • Flash Brand or Product Scroller
    Not available if using eBays new store design
    or responsive listing templates.
  • Additional Store Pages
    How many?
    Not available if you are using eBays new design.

Common Questions

Dynamic categories means that all you have to do is manage your eBay Store categories as you normally would. They are formatted to match your store design. Sellers who change their categories frequently are advised to purchase this add on. If your categories never or hardly change, editing the HTML file works easy enough.

Flash Banners are great eye candy and come with 3 banners. Plus it allows you to promote special deals, or Holiday sales in a way that can not be missed! You can easily update the banners through an XML file, no HTML experience is necessary.

Flash Scrollers are great to add maybe a custom search by brand or manufacturer. It can also be used to cross promote categories within your listing template. You can easily update the scroller through an XML file, no HTML experience is necessary.

Custom pages are used to tell more about your business, list all your policies, special searches, size charts, explain your product conditions and much more.

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You must supply your own logo for all eBay packages! If you do not have a logo, we will use a suitable font for your name or you can have us create a simple custom logo for only $129.

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